Round Northern Lights Vase

“Northern Lights invite us to celebrate the inspiring and to celebrate the wonder that brings to our lives.” This item is inspired by the many landscapes and beautiful colours found on our planet. The natural world can be amazing and alluring. The fabulous colours cover a wide band across the middle of this vase. Opaque white swirls seamlessly blend with the beautiful colours, adding a whimsical intrigue to this beautiful piece. colour-wave-northern-lights-orb,tree-of-enchantment-wonder,van-glow-oil-lampround-colour-wave-vase-desert-flower,round-calico-vase
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The story tag reads “In the darkness of night, a dancing light can be seen. Colours that vibrate and move without making a sound. Radiant lights reflected in the dark. This light moves with creative force and wisdom, you cannot help but stand in awe. Northern Lights invite us to celebrate the inspiring and to celebrate the wonder that brings to our lives.”

Use & Care

To clean your Kitras Art Glass item use a damp cloth and lightly rub it around the outside of the glass. Do this after each time you use the vase.

Use a dish brush that easily fits into the top of the vase to clean out the inside after each time you remove your flowers from the vase. 


width 4.75”, height 4.5”, top opening 1.25”, weight 1.16 lbs


The Colour Wave Vase is a great gift for anyone who has fresh flowers in their outdoor garden and are looking for way to display them throughout their house. 

The Colour Wave Vase is also a fantastic housewarming gift or new job gift. The vase will look beautiful with or without flowers. 

The Colour Wave Vase is also an ideal gift for anyone who enjoys fresh floral scents throughout their home. Use one bouquet and fill a few of these beautiful vases. 


The Colour Wave Vase is the perfect way to display and enjoy a few fresh flowers from the garden. The flowers in the vase will brighten and bring joy to any room in the home or office.

Consider grouping three Colour Wave Vases together to create an eye-catching centrepiece or display.


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