This beautiful weather means that it’s planting time!

Are you considering starting a vegetable garden this year so you have fresh veggies at your fingertips in your own backyard? There’s nothing quite like eating a fresh tomato off the plant or pulling carrots from the soil for an evening meal. Fresh vegetables are truly one of life’s greatest foods.

However, vegetable gardens are not always the most attractive. It’s a lot of green and soil. So, while the produce is out of this world, the process of getting there does not always lead to the most beautiful landscaping.

Enter Kitras Art Glass. We had backyard vegetable gardeners in mind when we created our Garden Collection. Bring pops of colour to your vegetable garden with strategically placed Kitras Art Glass items.

Fairy Orbs

The stunning Fairy Orb is a staff favourite! This gem of an ornament is offered in six different colours and each is accompanied by a beautiful sentiment story focusing on fairies. These beautiful orbs and stands will truly bring a magical quality to your vegetable garden.

Bee Balls

The Bee Ball will bring a pop of funky colour to any setting. Not only will you be providing the bees with a safe water-drinking spot but you’ll be adding visual intrigue to your garden. Place a few around the garden and when visitors come over challenge them to find all the Bee Balls! They’ll interact with your garden more than they would and participate in a fun, investigative game!

Solar Lights

Finally, if you’re looking to add beauty in the day and a pop of light in the dark, Kitras Solar

Lights are for you. Available in five different styles and several different colours, there’s sure to be a Solar Light or two that will match your vision. The beautiful glass orb looks stunning by day and at night the solar light softly glows after dark!

If you’re thinking to yourself “but I have a flower garden” have no fear! Our Kitras Garden Collection will beautifully blend with the vibrancy of your flowers and fill in the gaps where flowers are not in bloom!

In short, Kitras glass will enhance all garden types and provide you with a very beautiful and visually appealing yard!

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