About Us

We create inspirational, one-of-a-kind glass pieces. While we use colour recipes, no two pieces are ever exactly the same and you can be confident that each and every piece is truly original.

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“My Godparents would get us a Kitras item for all of our new journeys. We got a ball when we moved into our house. We got a ball when we got married. We had gotten a ball for each birth of our children. Every ball in our house from Kitras has a memory attached. We love Halloween so we also have ALOT of gourds and pumpkins in all shapes and sizes. We are a Kitras house!"


About Us
Our Story

We are a Canadian company built on the belief that one-of-a-kind glass art pieces with meaningful sentiments, help open up homes, relationships and community to celebrating the wonder and beauty of everyday moments - no matter the size or occasion. 

Beginning as a small mom-and-pop start up in 1988, our 30-plus-year journey has lead us to becoming Canada’s largest hot glass studio. We are makers of artfully crafted gifts and décor that are full of the unexpected and magical. Our handcrafted work can be found in shops, museums and garden centres across North America. 

We have an amazing team of dedicated, skilled and creative employees who make the magic happen in our studio, warehouse and office. Each piece is designed, created and shipped from our hot glass studio in Fergus, Ontario. 

We take pride in doing this for you, our wonderful customers. We thank you for your belief in our products and our stories and for holding a space for us in your homes, gardens and relationships.

You make every day beautiful.

Our Philosophy
What we value

We are makers and storytellers believing in the wonder of everyday moments. The roots of our company are built around the handmade and all that accompanies it - the quality, the beauty and above all, the unexpected magic of a piece made by hand.

We strive to improve our process and product by creating art for today, while continuing to look towards the possibilities of the future. Our inspiration for this grows from the ordinary and the exciting.

Through our craft and storytelling, we have created a community of customers who welcome our work into their homes, families and lives. Our hearts are warmed knowing that our stories become interwoven into the tale of your lives.

It is our belief that beautiful things enhance the enjoyment of everyday life. And that when surrounded by beauty, the spirit is uplifted.

This is how we bring beauty to the every day.

Our Process

1. Gather

Our process begins when our experienced glassblowers dip their blowpipe into our 2,000 to 2,200C (3632 to 3,992F) furnace for their first gather of molten glass. This extremely hot, honey-like, glass is the starting point of every piece we make at Kitras Art Glass.

2. Colour

We love colour and use only the highest quality coloured glass available. To apply different colours, glassblowers roll the molten glass (1,100 to 1,800C or 2,012 to 3,272F) through frit (coloured glass) that’s laid out in different patterns on a heat resistant surface. The size and colour of frit determines the design of each piece. The coloured glass fuses and melts into the clear glass, becoming one, and creating a piece that will never fade or lose its brilliance.

3. Form

Our skilled glassblowers use various techniques to form and shape glass into each piece. While all of our products have a colour recipe and process to follow, each piece is unique due to the individual glassblower and the flowing nature of working with hot glass.

4. Check

After the piece is complete it is cooled at a steady rate to ensure safe handling and a flawless finish. This process is completed through our lehr and annealer boxes. Every single product is then inspected by our quality control team to ensure you are receiving only the highest quality products. We hope you enjoy your piece!