Have you been looking for a versatile holiday décor piece that you can switch up and build on year after year?

The 2” Calico Balls are for you!

These petite beauties have a colourful mosaic pattern on the surface and are hollow in the centre, making them one of the most versatile orbs in the Kitras collection!

The best thing about the 2” Calico Ball is that there are 17 colour options and they can be used as décor throughout the entire year once the holidays are over!

Here are five ways to use the 2” Calico Ball in your Holiday décor:

  1. Decorate your Christmas Tree.
  2. Place several 2” Calico Balls in a bowl or basket, weaving twinkle lights throughout to create a beautiful Holiday decoration or centrepiece.
  3. Add as an accent to mistletoe or hanging garland.
  4. Hang with a holiday ribbon from a small Shepherd’s Hook Stake place in indoor plants, for example a poinsettia.
  5. Give your presents some extra pizazz by using the 2” Calico Ball as a present tag!

The 2” Calico Balls also make fabulous gifts. Gift to:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • As a stocking stuffer
  • Babysitter
  • Postal worker
  • Children’s teacher
  • Coaches
  • Neighbours
  • Newspaper carrier

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