Single Ornament Holder

The Single Ornament Holders is our most popular ornament stand. It’s beautiful, yet sturdy, so you will feel comfortable displaying your favourite piece. With two sizes available it can display ornaments that are 2" to 6". single-ornament-holder-curved,olde-english-witch-ball,tree-of-enchantment-familydew-fairy-orb,blossom-ball-best-wishes
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The story tag reads “Each Kitras stand is designed at the Kitras Art Glass studio and manufactured in Ontario, Canada. These stands are created to showcase Kitras glass in the best way possible, so that each piece dazzles and delights!”

Use & Care

Ornaments should not be hung directly from the glass loop on the metal, or from the plastic story-tag loop. We recommend hanging ornaments with a flexible medium such as ribbon, fishing line, twine, etc., these materials are not included with stands or ornaments.

The small size holds 2" ornaments and is approximately 10" in height.

The large size holds our 3" to 6" ornaments and is approximately 14" in height. 


Small: width 7”, height 10”, diameter 3/16”, weight 0.38 lbs

Large: width 9.25”, height 14”, diameter 1/4”, weight 0.74 lbs



Quick Notes

The small size holds 2" ornaments

The large size holds 3" to 6" ornaments 


The Single Ornament Holder is best gifted with a Kitras ornament or to someone who is looking for a way to easily hang a Kitras ornament.


Use the Single Ornament Holder to display your Kitras ornaments from 2” to 6”.


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